Henry's House will provide radically inclusive early childhood education, therapeutic and support services to children with medical and developmental disabilities, and their typical peers. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Henry's House is pursuing designation as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.  

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Welcome to

Henry's House


Henry's House was inspired by our son, Henry, who has Down syndrome and feeding challenges. As Henry grew, we looked for an early childhood center for him to attend. We needed a center that was nurturing and safe, prepared to support his particular needs, and excited about inclusivity. We couldn't find one. And our hearts broke with every "no."


Henry's House will be that place where children with and without disabilities can thrive, parents can get the support they need, and our community comes together to celebrate the potential of these special kids.


Our role is to build and lead a coalition of local teachers, therapists, parents, public officials, businesses, health providers, friends, advocates, community organizations, and donors who will collectively work to develop and run Henry's House. It takes a village to raise a child. It takes an even bigger village to build an early childhood and therapy center for children with disabilities. We hope you'll join us. 

Sara and Mike Newstead

About Us

At Henry's House, we are: 

Child first - Students at Henry's House are precious children filled with potential, some of whom just happen to have a disability.


Radically inclusive - All children are welcome at Henry's House, and Henry's House is designed to be welcoming to all children and their families.


Strengths-focused - Curriculum and therapy services at Henry's House celebrate and develop existing strengths, whether in student capabilities, family values, or community assets.


Team-based - Henry's House co-locates and coordinates learning, therapy, and community care for families to ensure students and families are set up for success.


Family-centered - Henry's House honors and engages each child's family - however they define it - because we know the love of family is the most important factor in a child's wellbeing.